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European network of employee representatives in the dairy industry

International Conference of Employee Representatives in the Dairy Industry – January 6-9, 2015 - BZO Oberjosbach (Frankfurt) 

Over 100 European employee representatives assembled in the BZO.

The European dairy industry currently is confronted to several challenges caused by consolidation processes and internationalisation as well as the end of the milk quota in 2015. Trade unions and employee representatives are concerned about a negative impact on employment stability, working conditions and at the same time an increase of precarious work.

Against this background the project partners (the German Trade Union for Food, Consumption and Restaurants (NGG), the Danish Food workers’ union Fødevareforbundet NNF, the Austrian trade union Pro-Ge as well as the Slovak trade union OZPSR in cooperation with EFFAT, the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions) decided to enhance their cooperation and  to further discuss these subjects. The project lays the foundation of the first and – at the same time – sustainable network, which will actively continue networking after the end of start-up financing by the EU.

dairynet.eu has the aim to develop concepts and references of good practice on social dialogue or other initiatives of employee representatives in the European dairy sector in order to strengthen information and consultation practices of employees on the European level. The project will also provide a systematic platform for the exchange of information on current trends and expansion plans of companies. Overall aim is to connect and strengthen employee representatives and trade unions in the European dairy sector in order to promote and support actions relating to the anticipation of change in the context of corporate restructuring, mergers and takeovers.

By means of this website, an international workshop as well as a transnational conference a networking process of employee representatives in the dairy industry from several European countries will be initiated, leading to the foundation of a solid, sustainable and long-lasting partnership between European partners.

Project coordination
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