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Dairy sector seminar, BZO (20/05/14)

Presentation of dairynet.eu
(European network of employee representatives in the dairy industry)

During a sector seminar organized by the German Trade Union for Food, Consumption and Restaurants (NGG) from 19th to 23rd May 2014 at the training centre BZO 34 employee representatives discussed the current situation in the dairy sector. NGG and employee representatives plan to establish a European dairy network.

The head of division of NGG Peter Störling stated: “A network is necessary as the dairy market becomes more and more international. Employers already react to this fact and employee representatives have to adapt, too.”

Project presentation (Kim Schütze & Katharina Westhäußer, wmp consult)

Download Presentation dairynet.eu (20.05.2014)

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