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1st International Workshop in Vienna, June 12 &13, 2014

In June 2014, the first international workshop of the dairynet.eu project took place in Vienna. Participants from European trade unions representing the dairy industry as well as employee representatives from the sector discussed current challenges and developments of the sector.
Country representatives presented national sector reports on the situation of the dairy industry in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland and the Netherlands. Also the impact of end of milk quota 2015 and other topics influencing EU member states, companies, employment and working conditions as well as further activities of the network were discussed.

Workshop material

Dairynet.eu project coordinators Peter Störling (NGG) & Franz Rigler (Pro-Ge)
European emloyee representatives from Poland, Netherlands and Germany
Josef Kücher, Ludwig Baier (Pro-Ge), Peter Störling (NGG) & Katharina Westhäußer (wmp consult)
Magdaléna Mellenova (OZP) & James Ritchie (IUL)
Project coordination
Peter Buddenberg (NGG)
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